Naples (Italian: Napoli – Neapolitan: Napule – Ancient Greek Νεάπολις, Neapolis meaning “new city”) is the third-largest municipality in Italy. Around 1 million residents live within the city’s limits, 3 millions in its province-level municipality. With the highest density of population in Italy, it has a horrifying number of unemployed people but it also has a historical centre which is a world heritage site. A city full of mystery, beauty and contrasts, the streets of Naples tell unforgettable stories not easily forgotten. Its cuisine is synonymous with pizza and spaghetti, Naples’ dialect has its own orthography and is famous over the world because of the Neapolitan songs. Naples Bay is maybe the most beautiful in the world….if not, it is indisputably FABULOUS!
Fabulous – Extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large, having no basis in reality, mythical.
Late Middle English: known through fable. From Latin fabula
(Oxford Dictionaries)