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  • Simona

    Naples is my favorito!

  • Keledjian

    After visiting most major historic cities in Italy, we decided to see Napoli. In September we were there and stayed at a lovely hotel Palazzo Alabardieri. We went to old town Napoli and walked through the very old narrow streets and enjoyed the atmosphere. Napoli is as lovely as any other Italian city. One thing in Napoli that can’t be missed is the wood oven baked pizza. Delicioso !!!
    While discovering the streets of old town, we came across the bust of Pulcinella. It’s a unique Napolitan character created by Silvio Fiorillo in 1620. This character has been used by famous composers such as Igor Stravinky “Ballet Pulcinella”, Sergei Rachmaninoff piano piece Polichinelle, Charles Aznavour in a song “Mon ami, mon Judas”.
    We then met Fiorella and spent a fantastic day with her at Pompeii and Herculaneum. A very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable guide.
    A must see is also the Naples Archeologic Museum. Best of Pompeii and Herculaneum mosaics, amazing glassware and frescoes are preserved there.
    Naples is a fabulous must see and experience city in Italy.
    Thank You Fiorella !!!

  • Stelvio

    Love you, ladies!!!

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