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Alice: Fiorella, what is FABULOUS to you?

Fiorella: for me fabulous is a day in Naples amongst art, mystery, beauty, people and food!


Fiorella Squillante I specialised in the art, history and culture of my hometown Naples. I studied modern languages with modern art and I have worked closely with the museums in Naples, the Friends of Museums from Abroad and as an educational consultant and a tour guide for many years. I love writing about my city and have written a guide to Neapolitan art and architecture called Naples in 3 Days and articles about Naples and Campania. My love for Naples art, food and why not….its fabulous craziness means there isn’t a corner of the city I haven’t visited. This blog is a way to share insider tips with you.

Alice Venessa Bever I’ve always been a centro storico woman. When I came to Naples with a backpack and a folded paper with the names of English schools, I had no idea that sixteen years later I would have an extensive knowledge of Neapolitan theatre, culture, history and where to find the perfect Spritz. I have a dual degree in Italian Studies and Theatre and Dramatic Literature,I am a singer and performer, an English teacher and translator, and a Neapolitanphyte who knows how to live in and out of chaos without compromising the things that make living in Naples fabulous.


We have a mutual passion for Naples, the city where we both live and are ready to share it with you!



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14 comments to About us

  • NP

    Ciao Fiorella,

    I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the incredible day we had in Napoli . We thoroughly enjoyed the adventures and unique interesting historical places we visited. Your knowledge of Napoli and its history were exemplary. Meeting some of your friends and local contacts along the way made the trip to Napoli so memorable and enjoyable. We as a group really felt the local vibe and history of this city on our tour for which we are very grateful !!!! The crème de la crème was that I actually was able to make a Margarita pizza in the city and birthplace of the original pizza. How cool is that ? Thanks again for making our memorable visit to Napoli one that will last a lifetime.

    Grazie mille, Nicola, Thanuja, Gina and Dave 🙂

  • valeria giambartolomei

    I would say without any doubt that one of the most exciting experiences in life was going around Naples with Fiorella. Unforgettable and Fabulous! Grazie


    Again, thanks for being the best guide during our trip 9 years ago to Napoli! We are going to be in Rome from April 7th thru the 10th, 2022. Do you do tours there? If so we(4) would love for you to show us around. Then we are headed to Florence for a month. Know anyone there?
    Jim Breeden
    Giacomo Breedoni 😎

  • Valerie Cohen

    I am planning a trip to Naples in October 2021.
    approximately 3 days.
    Can you recommend a private guide?
    I am primarily interested in art and antiquities.
    Thank you.

  • Simon

    Naples is on top of my list

  • Gervasio Prado

    I saw your name in a review of Elena Ferrante’s new book on the Washington post!
    I love Elena Ferrante – have read all her books. I want to have your direct e-mail. I am planning a tour of Naples and vicinity for the spring of 2021 for the Harvard Institute of Learning in Retirement, an organization I belong to.
    Best regards,
    Gervasio Prado
    Cambridge, MA

  • Clementine

    Thanks Fiorella for all your wonderful information about your hometown!

  • Annalisa

    Siete Favolose! Vi amo e amo Napoliiiiii!

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